Writing a Grammy winning song takes time, dedication and a large slice of talent. Many great tunes sadly go undiscovered. Luckily Liverpool has form when it comes to nurturing talent and breeding musical icons. Some have even gone on the shape the sound of modern popular music! Inspiring a new generation of musical hopefuls along the way. I always dreamed of becoming a footballer or a Beatle! Any Beatle would do.

The principles of writing a hit song have remained the same, however technology has moved on at a frightening pace from the days of 50 cent Voice-O-Graph. Popular in the 1950's and early 60's the portable Voice-O-Graph booth was I suppose the forerunner to Garageband on the iPad. Pop in 50 cents, close the door and perform your latest tune. The Voice-O-Graph would oblige by recording your tune to vinyl. "Whats's vinyl?" you ask....

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